UPDATED 6 Dec 2017

The company has been offering its expertise and experience to a number of arts organisations
and producers in need of Puppetry makers, advisors and directors.

Green Ginger worked as movent & puppetry consultants to Arcadia Spectacular's latest version of its Spider show Metamorphosis. Chris Pirie joined a team of robotics specialists, engineers and fabricators, including regular collaborators Rusty Squid, in the creation of three mini spiders to complement the large 50 tonne beatie spider that dominates the live show. Metamorphosis can be seen live in London next year.

Ticket info here: https://bitly.com/arcadia_london


Green Ginger was involved in the creation of Kneehigh's production of The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk, directed by Emma Rice. Working with the sculpting talents of Maddy Humberstone and Lulu Butcher, we created a life-size bust of Karl Marx (below).

Tour dates in the UK and USA between January and May 2018 can be found here: http://www.kneehigh.co.uk/show/flying-lovers-vitebsk.php

Artistic Director Chris Pirie has also directed puppetry for two Travelling Light productions, BOING! and The Ugly Duckling, both of which can be seen over Christmas in London and Bristol. See Diary for further details.