On these pages we will feature an ever-changing selection of the original productions that Green Ginger has created and toured around the world since the company was founded by Terry Lee in 1978.

OUTPOST 2 Guards.jpg

OUTPOST (2014)

Directed by Joseph Wallace
Performed & devised by Adam Fuller, Chris Pirie, Kim Heron & Dean Sudron
Script by Mike Akers

If you’re drunk on power can you ever sober up?

Two guards are stationed at a border between Escobia and Grud. Luis believes in order and discipline, whilst BK believes in taking things easy. He also believes that somewhere out there, the spirit of a mysterious creature haunts the desert. The chance discovery of a strange other-world takes the guards on a journey into the dark heart of politics, tyranny and murder.

Absurd comedy and grotesque puppetry combined with original music in an hour-long show that explored nationalism, power and the consequences of using another man’s toilet.

“The script is powerful, the production and design brilliantly realised” TOTAL THEATRE

RUST (2005)

Directed by Flick Ferdinando
Performed by Dik Downey, Vic Llewellyn and Chris Pirie
Script by Vic Llewellyn and Chris Pirie
Original Music by Simon Preston

Two pirate radio stations are anchored in the same murky coastal waters. One transmits from a lightship; its arch-rival broadcasts from a submarine lurking just beneath the oil-slicked surface. Something has to give…or be taken.

RUST was a fast-moving story of piracy, passion and vinyl. Grotesque puppets, animated sets and shiploads of absurd humour were welded into a dark comic-book vision of low-life on the high seas. The show toured to great acclaim in Spain, France, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Photo: Dag Jennsen

Photo: Dag Jennsen


BAMBI: The Wilderness Years (2000)

Written by Terry Lee & Steve Wright
Directed by Richie Smith
Performed by Terry Lee, Billy Paul, James Osborne and John Barber
Original Music by Simon Preston

Whatever happened to that creature with the big watery eyes? The Bambi story comes of age in a comic-book nightmare set in a beastly urban jungle.

Green Ginger, with its customary disrespect for classic tales, used masked performers, grotesque puppets, animated sets and projections to shed new darkness on a bittersweet story.

“The ingenuity is staggering, the unconventionality always poised at the point of freakishness. This is so different from almost anything else you’re ever likely to see in the theatre...a rare and wonderful thing”
The Guardian