Green Ginger have enjoyed a 25 year relationship with Stamsund, a tiny Norwegian fishing village in the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago lying 500km above the Arctic Circle. First invited to perform and run workshops, the company has been returning regularly in recent years, notably to co-create Outpost (2014) and Intronauts (2018). Our generous hosts, Nordland Visual Theatre (NVT) or Figurteatret i Nordland have co-produced those two ambitious shows and without their considerable input, neither would have been possible to pull off. NVT offer something quite unique to theatre-makers around the world; the opportunity for residential creation time creating new work in splendid isolation. There are few distractions in Stamsund; no cinemas or restaurants, just one pub open three nights a week. And the mountains, and the sea…in every direction.

NVT’s valuable invitation is unparalleled; it’s no wonder that artists from every corner of the planet now apply to be part of it. On top of a generous cash offer, they offer time in this beautiful remote location, based in their four-storey building that is equipped for most things a small to mid-scale production might require; dedicated rehearsal room, a 60-seat studio theatre with full tech support, fabrication workshops dedicated to metal and wood, a paint-shop, costume wardrobe, dry-making, offices and of course, a sauna. In addition the highly experienced NVT team offer themselves freely to assist with transportation logistics, lighting and sound design, fabrication, dramaturgy and direction.

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