lionel mae.jpg

I'm Lionel…

Lionel the Vinyl, or as some know me better by the name above my little shop...The GrooveGrocer

You kids have no idea, with yer CDs and yer MP3s, yer digital and yer figital. Tiny plastic cases with writing so small I can't read the track titles.

Music used to come in one shape. Flat, round and made of vinyl.
I loves vinyl. And that's why I loves my job so much. Here I am, at the pointiest bit of the very sharp end of the entire music industry... Just me, here in my little shop.

And you can pop by anytime I'm open. Just don't touch anything...

Join Lionel in a short and punchy journey into the groovy world of wax. The GROOVEGROCER is a 15 minute cabaret-style act performed by two puppeteers and featuring both recorded and live music. Tech-wise it's an easy set-up and can be placed onstage and struck in two minutes.

Image: Mae Voogd