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Green Ginger extends its experience and skills towards other arts organisations, offering expertise in the creation of puppetry solutions through initial conception, design, prototyping, fabrication and into performance direction. The company works in TV, film and live performance, and at any scale, from small-scale intimate touring shows to large-scale outdoor spectaculars.

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IMAGE: Arcadia Spectacular’s Metamorphosis (2016) photo by Luke Taylor. Green Ginger’s Chris Pirie was part of the design team assembled by Rusty Squid that created the 7 metre-long mechanical mini-spiders that scuttled above the audience on ziplines.


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“By their shadowy movement, their spiky crawl, these three kinetic spiders are revealed instinctively, felt before they are seen creeping into the electrifying world of Arcadia. Suspended above a crowd of thousands, aerial performers descend from their abdomens as if by spinning silken threads…”

VIDEO: Rusty Squid


In December 2010, Green Ginger opened its studio doors in Bristol and invited Rusty Squid to facilitate a team of creative technologists, engineers, puppet and prop makers, designers and programmers to work for free on a round-the-clock community project.

A city-wide shout went out and whoever came through the door was welcome to help build an interactive window shop display- a total of 35 people from diverse disciplines became involved in an experiment of collaboration and for 3 weeks this team worked, lived, ate and slept at the studio. The result was 'The Regenerator', initially commissioned by Illuminate for the Longest Night Festival. The project was further funded by Green Ginger and RustySquid and made possible by the boundless energy and enthusiastic generosity of all those who committed to seeing the work through.The creation period was a magical time where many long lasting partnerships and exciting possibilities were seeded.

Earlier this year Rusty Squid had to dismantle this well-loved machine, so they decided to make a short film to capture the spirit of the project.