Intronauts is going back on tour!

Photo by: Paul Blakemore

Photo by: Paul Blakemore

The show has changed since it toured last year, could you tell us a little more about that?

We’ve just finished reworking Intronauts and it feels really exciting. The production and rehearsal phase of the last show (last autumn) was somewhat limited by the technical complexity of our creative aspirations and the time it took to successfully merge the innovative projection tools we use with live action. This year, the rework has allowed us time to fully develop the two central characters and the shows narrative arc. We also have some new cast members which has brought some new perspectives and energy. In many ways it feels more like a new chapter of a familiar story than a remount of an existing piece of theatre.

- Chris Pirie, Artistic Director, Designer & Performer

How has the show developed since the rework?

We have a fantastic new cast and have been able to really develop the two central characters. We have new projections, new design features of the intropod but most importantly Green Ginger gave me time to explore a new story line. We have been concentrating on the tragic comedy within the world of the show, the flawed humanity of the characters, their mistakes and the consequences of their choices.

- Emma Williams, Director

What excites you about the show / what do you hope audiences will experience?

It’s such an exciting show- working with some wonderful people and some very cool tech that feels futuristic in a Minority Report (Tom Cruise classic) sort of way. I think it’s an unusual show in doing this while remaining tender and heartfelt. It’s a show that’s full of joy in the midst of sadness. I think it’s funny and tragic. I’m hoping the audience will journey with us through all these things and leave feeling moved and transported.

- Martin Bonger, Performer

What can the audience expect? (In 3 words)

Nano-technology, adventure, time-bomb

- Chris Pirie, Artistic Director, Designer & Performer

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