We're going to Norway!

From 13th October - 31st October we are taking   Intronauts   on tour to Norway.

From 13th October - 31st October we are taking Intronauts on tour to Norway.

We asked Nordland Visual Theatre, our co-producers for Intronauts, some questions about the show

How did this co-production come about?

Both Green Ginger and NVT had for several years discussed the possibility of a new collaboration after co-producing the show Outpost in 2014/15. Chris Pirie had some mad plans that involved building a submarine. We told him that that was insane project! But gradually the idea morphed into the building of a on-stage-submarine that could travel through the human body. Intronauts was co-produced in Stamsund, launched on the audience in 2018, and has since been performed in the UK and Norway.

What excites you about bringing Intronauts to audiences and schools in Norway?

In Norway we are quite fortunate to have the national “Cultural Rucksack” program. The program provides all pupils in Norway with several meetings with art and culture each year. The program enables NVT to send shows on tours with designated shows for schools in combination with gigs at regular venues for an paying audience. The audience will experience the mad and abstract humour of a Green Ginger show, which at the same time puts the finger on important topics like depression and loneliness.

What can the audience expect? (In 3 words)

A mad, absurd, abstract, fun hour which includes meaning and purpose.
And loads of silliness!

Tell us about your interest in puppetry and the part it plays at NVT? 

NVT is a production house and residency centre with a special interest in puppetry and visual theatre. Theatre which involves all kinds of animation of objects, puppets, bodies, instruments, shadows, human beings and so on. NVT’s mission and task is to assist artists and companies, both national and internationally, in developing the genre of “figure theatre”/visual theatre.

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Find out more about NVT here. www.figurteatret.no

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