World Puppetry Festival

"WOW! Whose crazy dream was that?!"

We’re gearing up to perform at the prestigious World Puppetry Festival.

The World Puppetry Festival is a biennial event and boasts the largest gathering of puppeteers every two years since 1961. The festival is an important showcasing event for the international puppetry sector and we’re thrilled to have been invited back to perform again. We’ll be performing Intronauts 3 times over the opening weekend.


“For Intronauts, we wanted to tell our story cinematically and puppetry can allow us to take our audiences into the most extraordinary and fantastic environments inside the human body” - Chris Pirie, Artist Director, Designer, Performer

“It is an undervalued art form – often pigeonholed as childish entertainment it offers extraordinary tools for telling dark and complex stories” - Emma Williams, Director


“Advancements in technology have allowed us to create an ambitious mix of cinematic and live performance that can be experienced in intimate theatre venues. At its heart the show is about human behaviour, it is about our extraordinary achievements and our ridiculous failures. It’s about the mess of humanity and therefore it’s funny and also shocking.” - Emma Williams, Director

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